About Us

Adamo Orthopaedic Services is a sole proprietor clinic that has competent and qualified Professional personnel with good working experience and skills in Orthopaedic technology, Physiotherapy and occupational Therapy. We are located at Wallet Center Building room G13 Opposite Shujaa Mall along Kayole Spine road.

We basically deal with the provision of Orthopaedic services, (Provision of Orthosis and Prosthesis, Reduction of both fractures and dislocations, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy services to both children and adults, as well as provision of Mobility Aids (Wheelchairs and walking aids (Rehabilitation Aids)

The clinic was started JULY 2019 with a purpose of correcting early orthopaedic conditions and under non-surgical procedures, the early intervention facilitates early correction.

After realizing the need for rehabilitation for the young and the adult to enable them to live independent lives.

Our Core Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance mobility freedom to our clients and patients by offering Orthopaedic services, Physiotherapy services and Occupational therapy services and other mobility aids including Basic and Intermediate wheelchairs, crutches and walking aids.

Our Vision

Our future goal is to be the leading clinic in offering not only Orthopaedic services but also in offering quality Rehabilitation services in Kenya and worldwide.